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In August of 2023 AWS introduced Security Groups for Network Load Balancers and now recommend that any new NLBs be associated with a Security Group. They do not state the obvious: you should stop using NLBs without Security Groups. That may be easier said than done. Here is some advice with examples in Terraform and Python. AWS does not allow us to transform an NLB which has no Security Groups into one which does nor vice versa.

By Henry Brown
April 30, 2024

What should be done when one’s Terraform turns into technical debt? Table of Contents The Necessity of Infrastructure as Code Platform Engineering Case Study: The Successful Platform Team Debt Collector on Line One Requirements for a Solution Existing Tools Fall Short Airflow: More Than an ETL Tool Bronco: Managing Terraform at Scale with Airflow Terraform Upgrades as Directed Acyclic Graphs Concurrency, Monitoring and Retries The X Factor Summary The Necessity of Infrastructure as Code Cloud computing has fundamentally transformed how computer software is run.

By Jack Cusick
April 9, 2024

Introduction Have you ever written terraform code and found that your code paths covered edge cases that were only in production? Or perhaps, written a reusable terraform module that you needed some way to test and prove worked as expected? When you write software, it’s very often expected to write tests to prove the software is works as intended and is relatively bug free. With Infrastructure as Code, testing is often an afterthought, if ever even considered, which can make testing such things difficult.

By Joshua D Doll
January 6, 2023

Introduction & Background Hi, I’m Mueez Khan. I’m currently an undergraduate Computer Science student at Rutgers University, and I was a remote summer intern at Rearc from June to September, 2022. In this article we’ll go over various projects and achievements during my internship at Rearc. About Rearc Rearc is a boutique cloud software & services firm with engineers that have years of experience shaping the cloud journey of large scale enterprises.

By Mueez Khan
October 10, 2022

Terraform is no doubt a popular go-to for developers looking to manage their infrastructure as code. It’s powered by HCL, a declarative configuration language from HashiCorp, that in many cases offers a powerful way to deploy infrastructure where the author can just focus on the “what” (desired state) and let the tool figure out the “how” to reconcile changes needed in the live environment. Sometimes though, operations personnel require more precise control over how changes get applied in order to minimize impact to live systems.

By Kyle Persohn
September 2, 2022