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Jeff Atwood writes, “It’s painful for most software developers to acknowledge this, because they love code so much, but the best code is no code at all.”, in his aptly titled article “The Best Code is No Code At All” from the archives of his popular blog “Coding Horror”. In my own understanding of the statement, “The best code is no code at all”; the more code you write, the higher the opportunity for error.

By Will Nave
May 12, 2023

The beauty between noise and silence We’ve become accustomed to controlling the notifications of our lives. We tap unsubscribe on emails that offer it, we become frustrated with apps demanding too much attention, and we escape our typical work environment to that sweet single-person meeting room to get some uninterrupted work done. We crave peace. By contrast however, it’s the very nature of joining society that we must pull up a chair and turn up the volume high enough to catch the next wave.

By Kurt Bomya
March 7, 2023

Introduction Have you ever written terraform code and found that your code paths covered edge cases that were only in production? Or perhaps, written a reusable terraform module that you needed some way to test and prove worked as expected? When you write software, it’s very often expected to write tests to prove the software is works as intended and is relatively bug free. With Infrastructure as Code, testing is often an afterthought, if ever even considered, which can make testing such things difficult.

By Joshua D Doll
January 6, 2023