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My Summer Internship at Rearc Introduction & Background Hi, my name is Milan Patel. I am currently in 12th grade at Lenape Regional Highschool and I was a remote summer intern at Rearc from June to August 2023. AI Exploration Project General Problem Statement Given the abundance of datasets available to us, we always find it helpful to streamline idea generation. What does this dataset contain? What can I use this table for?

By Milan Patel
October 9, 2023

Introduction Tools to improve the development experience have existed for decades. From syntax checking to code formatting, refactoring to auto-completion, developers working within an IDE frequently make use of extensions to provide additional functionality which will improve their productivity. These development extensions have recently been enhanced by the possibilities driven by AI, to provide better recommendations to developers. As infrastructure engineers, let’s explore some of those new tools and how they interact with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tasks.

By Kevin Formsma
June 22, 2023