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If you’ve been checking the news recently, you’ll have seen a lot of articles referencing shifting real estate trends around the world. The premise of many of these articles is that expensive, high-class office buildings that tend to be flagships of metro areas, are becoming less and less popular. As interest rates rise and work-from-home continues to become more common, one can only wonder how these real-estate trends will evolve from here, and the impact these trends might have on property owners.

By Riley Nastase
June 21, 2023

EpiLake Flu: Influenza Surveillance Data and its Applications Table of Contents Introduction Why Flu Data Matters Where is the Flu? Current Scope and Severity Diving Deeper: County-Level Data and Data Enrichment Anticipating Demand: Forecasting Insights Global Insights: Understanding Foreign Flu Seasons Conclusion Introduction Welcome to Rearc’s blog! We are a boutique consulting firm that is excited to bring a variety of business-ready datasets to customers. At Rearc, we are committed to helping our clients access the data they need to make informed decisions and be successful.

By Riley Nastase
May 4, 2023