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At Rearc we take pride in providing best-in-class curated data, delivering it “where the customer is.” That’s why we got very excited when Amazon announced AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift. AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift enables you to find and subscribe to third-party data in AWS Data Exchange that you can query in an Amazon Redshift data warehouse in minutes. This feature empowers you to quickly query, analyze, and build applications with third-party data.

By Daniel Barrundia
April 5, 2022

We recently open sourced the Publisher Coordinator for AWS Data Exchange (ADX) to benefit the larger community of data providers and we are happy to share more details in this blog post. Rearc’s ADX Publisher Coordinator offers a scalable cloud-based infrastructure for data publishing process on ADX. If you are a data provider with valuable data offerings that you are excited to share with the world and monetize, keep reading!

By Masi Nazarian
August 3, 2021